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How this website started

The idea for this internet booklet originates in 1984. Ben de Jong en I wanted to make a (paper) book for children on Surinamese birds. We both made some texts, Ben gave his to me but he has never seen the corrections and I've lost contact years ago. He seems to be somewhere in the Neotropics, maybe this way I will hear from him again. (Or only if a Spanish edition follows?).

Contents of this website

For every species a map of the distribution of the observations in Suriname can be found on its page. Recently recognised additions to the list for Suriname are discussed in an extra list. The total for Suriname stands on 750 (October 2018).

More than 145,000 observations of birds have been collected into a database, with the help of many birders, to be able to produce distribution maps of all the species in Surinam, South America. To see a map, you can choose the bird from one of the galleries in the menu.

The most recent data are from 2013. New, since the 1995 Haverschmidt and Mees' book, are about 70 bird species reported by Otte Ottema, Steve Hilty, Brian O'Shea, David Asciano, Dave Stejskal, Dick Jonkers, Bret Whitney, Foek Chin Joe, KD Dijkstra, J. Mittermeier, K. Zyskowski and others. They have been accounted for in a "Annotated Checklist of the Birds in Suriname", by Ottema, Ribot and Spaans, WWF ISBN 978-99914-7-022-1.

About 10% of the observation data are reports made of a trapped or photographed bird. About 4/5 of the observations are from very experienced observers. Observations of birds rare in the concerned part or habitat of Suriname (less than 10 accepted observations in that part) get discussed before acceptance. Half the data are from observations made before the year 2003.


Text: The copyright on all texts lies with me. The internet edition started in 1996.

Pictures: Many photographers have contributed their pictures for this 'booklet'. Their names should be on the same page as their photographs. The copyright of the pictures is with the makers, they gave only permission for this publication. Therefore I can not make them available for other purposes. For the 60 or so pictures made by me, if you want to use them, ask me.
The site started long ago with some 30 photographs, donated as the original diapositives by John S. Dunning when he was still alive in the eighties. After that the collection slowly grew. I still hope for more to come.

Sounds and Videos: I have included many birdsounds and some videos (most of them are very short for economy of transmission). Their copyright lies with the person that recorded them. For the ones I made (Ribot) you can ask me if you want to use them.

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