Books about birds in Suriname Dutch text English text Vogels in Suriname/Birds in Suriname

Spaans, A.L. Otte H. Ottema and Jan Hein J.M. Ribot: Field Guide to the Birds of Suriname, 2015 ISBN 978-90-04-24929-5
All birds known from Suriname about 750 have more than one color illustration
. A second improved edition is in print , autumn 2018

Spaans, Arie L.: Kustvogels van Suriname, Stinasu, 2003.
With illustrations and English text for 100 birds (birds of the coastal region of Suriname).

Ottema, Otte H.: De wilde vogels van Paramaribo, Stinasu, 2007.
With illustrations and English text for 100 birds (birds of Paramaribo).

Haverschmidt, F. and G.F. Mees: Birds in Suriname, VACO Paramaribo 1994, ISBN: 99914-0-029-X.
Big and heavy, so not suited for in the field, but with many details about the birds. This second printing has a total of 668 birds, many beautifully illustrated. Costs about $100.

Ottema, Otte H.: Jan Hein J.M. Ribot and Arie L. Spaans: Annotated checklist of the Birds in Suriname, WWF Guianas November 2009, ISBN: 978-99914-7-022-1

Penard, Frederik Paul and Arthur Philip Penard: De vogels van Guyana, Paramaribo 1908 en 1910.
An impressive (old) account of the birds of the Guyanas (in dutch)

Hilty, Steven L.: Birds of Venezuela, Helm Field Guides 2003.
The best book for field identification.

Restall, Robin: Birds of Northern South America, Christopher Helm, 2006

Sick, Helmut: Birds in Brazil, Princeton University Press, 1992

Sigrist, Thomas en Guia de Campo: Aves da Amaz˘nia Brasiliera 2008

Tostain, Dujardin, Erard et Thiollay: Oiseaux de Guyane, France, 1992

Boesman, Peter: Birds of Venezuela, 1999.
A CD-ROM with photographs, sounds and distribution data of a lot of birds.

De recente boeken zijn in Nederland handig te bestellen op internet, in Suriname ligt 'Haverschmidt'bij en sommige andere boeken bij Vaco.

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