Books about birds in Suriname Dutch text English text Vogels in Suriname/Birds in Suriname

Boesman, Peter: Birds of Venezuela, 1999.
A CD-ROM with photographs, sounds and distribution data of a lot of birds.

Davis, T.H.: Additions to the Birds in Suriname. Continental Birdlife 1: 136-146 (1980)

Donahue, P.K.: Notes on some little known or previously unrecorded Birds in Suriname. Am. Birds 39:229-230 (1985)

Donahue, P.K. and Jan Erik Pierson: Birds in Suriname, an annotated checklist, 1982

Dunning, John S.: South American Birds, Harrowood Books USA, 1987.
Full of pictures of South American birds. About 35 pictures in this internetbook come from the same photographer

Haverschmidt, F. and G.F. Mees: Birds in Suriname, VACO Paramaribo 1994, ISBN: 99914-0-029-X.
Big and heavy, so not suited for in the field, but with many details about the birds. This second printing has a total of 668 birds, many beautifully illustrated. Costs about $100.

Hilty, Steven L.: Birds of Venezuela, Helm Field Guides 2003.
The best book for field identification.

Mittermeier, John C. and Kristof Zyskowski, Edward S. Stowe and Jonas E. Lai: Avifauna of the Sipaliwini Savanna (Suriname) with Insights into its Biogeographic Affinities, in: Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 51(1):97-122, April 2010

Ottema, O.: several articles, in: Cotinga, Journal of the neotropical bird club, nr 17, 22, 26

Ottema, Otte H.: De wilde vogels van Paramaribo, Stinasu, 2007.
With illustrations and English text for 100 birds (birds of Paramaribo).

Ottema, Otte H.: Jan Hein J.M. Ribot and Arie L. Spaans: Annotated checklist of the Birds in Suriname, WWF Guianas November 2009, ISBN: 978-99914-7-022-1

Penard, Frederik Paul and Arthur Philip Penard: De vogels van Guyana, Paramaribo 1908 en 1910.
An impressive (old) account of the birds of the Guyanas (in dutch)

Restall, Robin: Birds of Northern South America, Christopher Helm, 2006

Sick, Helmut: Birds in Brazil, Princeton University Press, 1992

Sigrist, Thomas en Guia de Campo: Aves da Amaz˘nia Brasiliera 2008

Spaans, A.L. and L. Autar: First record of Wilson's phalarope Phalaropus tricolor from Suriname. Bull. Brit. Orn. Club 102: 114-115 (1982)

Spaans, Arie L.: Kustvogels van Suriname, Stinasu, 2003.
With illustrations and English text for 100 birds (birds of the coastal region of Suriname).

Tostain, Dujardin, Erard et Thiollay: Oiseaux de Guyane, France, 1992

Voous, Birds of the Netherlands Antilles, De Walburg Pers, 1983. Used for the Papiamentu (spoken on Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire) names of some birds

Zyskowski, Kristof and John C.Mittermeier, Otte Ottema, Marko Rakovic, Brian J. O'Shea, Jonas E. Lai, Susan B.Hochgraf, Jorge de León and Kathryn Au: Avifauna of the Easternmost Tepui, Tafelberg in Central Suriname, in: Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 52(1):153-180, April 2011

De meeste boeken zijn in Nederland handig te bestellen bij de boekhandel van het museum Naturalis in Leiden, in Suriname natuurlijk bij Vaco. Ik hoop dat er snel een Nederlandstalige veldgids komt met de Surinaamse namen er in.

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